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Good morning all :)


Ive spent a few weeks reading thru Omlet forums and have found it to be really informative and friendly so thought I would finally join & introduce myself.


I live in Co Durham, have a farm (& riding school/livery yard) and became addicted to chooks 3 months ago.

I currently have 7 hens and 4 cockerels. With 2 eggs due to hatch this week - there are 7 in the incubator but candling has proved only 2 to be alive (altho Ive left the others in and keeping my fingers crossed!).

They all live free range, organic lives and are currently gifting me with 7 eggs per day. My favourite Cockerel, Doodle is a handsome chap and loves to snuggle up - as long as noone else is watching!


Im really excited about the hatch and my horses are becoming concerned that Im finding chickens equally as interesting as them! lol



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Welcome Oushka! ... Love your photos ... especially the ones of you and Dakota, just fab! ... he reminds me of a horse I ride up at our local riding school, called Guiness! Your cockeral sounds like a sweetie, by the way. good luck with the hatching!


Lindsay x

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