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Quick Cookery Questions

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I thought it might be a good idea for a sticky. It always seems a bit OTTto start a new thread for when ever someone has a quick question on cooking. From asking about a particular ingredient, cookin times or temps, or quick help needed on a cooking disaster etc.


Thought people could just pop their questions on this one thread.


And to start I have a question. Im going to have a little left over pastry from making quickes and lemon merangues today and thought I would just make a few jam tarts with, the question is should I still blind bake the cases first or just cook them straight off with the jam inside?

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I can see where you're coming from with your idea CC, but in my personal opinion I'm not convinced that it would be a lot of value as a sticky.


Largely I thing because stickies often grow to several pages long, and most people don't have the time or inclination to trawl back through old postings in a long thread for answers. They tend to prefer to ask the same question again, as is demonstrated quite frequently in Chickens. It's easier to post a new thread. If I see a question on a topic that has been well answered in the past I personally often find it easier to post a link to the old thread rather than typing out a long answer again :oops: . I'd find it time consuming to hunt through a long sticky for a good answer to link to :roll:


Usually Omlet members are brilliant at responding to queries remarkably quickly, so I'm more in favour of leaving things as they are, and having people post questions, no matter how random or basic as a new topic assuming there isn't already a topic on the same topic that can be resurrected.


As I say, only my opinion, it might be worth seeing what the general opinion is as to the usefulness of such a sticky :?

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Oh I didnt mean it as a reference for people to go back to. I just thought people could use the one thread each time they had a quick question instead of starting a new thread just to ask a simple question, just post a new questin on this existing thread. On another forum Iuse they have an 'ask a question' thread. Where people just ask opionions and advice on all sorts of things when it doesnt really require a thread of its own with lots of reviews, opionions, stories etc.

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I have been making lemon merangue pies the last couple of weeks, and I just have one problem.


When they go in the oven they are piled high with the merangue and the rise a little further while cooking. however shortly after taking them out of the oven the have a habbit of sinking a little. What is causing them to sink and how can I stop this?

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