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help the internet is useless

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Hello l have call ducks and 5 ducklings.They are now about 3 weeks old getting nice and big.I was told to leave them even if there cold and she will lay more l think it took about a week or so there was 7 when l last checked on them but.But when they hatched there was 7 more unhatched eggs which she lost interest in and they died.We lost 2 out of the 7 so the 5 remaining have done very well.If you want all the eggs then id incubate the ones she gets of.What colour are mum ansd dad??? :D

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Thanks very much for your reply.


Is 20 weeks also about the age they need to go from growers pellets to layers pellets?


They are both starting to flap their wings a lot now too. How much longer before I need to think about wing clipping?


Sorry for so many questions.



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Mine are on layers now and have been for a while.I found this web site useful.





As for cutting there wings l have not done mine.I went to a house today and she had a mix of ducks. Loads of call all runnung around her garden.We had just built a great big run that just over 6ft high and all they do is flap there wings.But if you really wanted to cut there flyet feathers of then pratical poultry is better for that really. :D good luck with them and feel free to ask any thing... :D

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Ducks, like hens, will only sit on eggs if they go broody - otherwise the eggs are for collecting and eating. as with hen eggs.


You will know if your duck is broody as she will decide to sit - and she will sit tight and not want to get off her nest. If she's not doing that then she's not broody.


If she is, she will sit on eggs for 28 days - this will give you plenty of time to get hold of a book and read up on hatching ducklings - they will need to be separated from any other ducks or drakes..... the book will explain everything you need to know.

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