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tie-dyed egg....

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now you put a name to it - I looked it up! fascinating.... this article gives several causes of egg-blemishes and several types, including:


Rough Shelled Eggs

In some cases, two eggs may be in the shell gland at the same

time and this can cause a form of rough shelled egg often

referred to as a ‘target’ or ‘thumb-print’ type. This problem can

also result in ‘slab-sided’ eggs. There are other types of rough

shelled eggs, including those with pimples or a sandpaper-type

texture. Bird health and age often affect the incidence of this.



rest can be found here:







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Thanks for that Phil, very interesting! That explains the two odd blue eggs I found the other day! Found one in the run, but not sure who had laid it - it was Ruby's shape and colour but hers are normally glossy and this was very rough shelled. Later on in the day, Ruby definitely laid - a large, glossy, slab sided egg! I assumed it was Bambi who laid the egg in the run, but she laid very early the next day indicating that she'd just had a day off :? Looking at Phil's info it looks like Ruby laid two in one day! 8)


Very pretty egg Phil 8)

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