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I have added them to my favourites - I want a shed and I would love a greenhouse but no go!


I thought they would be in Norfolk and I could go and see them - silly me, fancy thinking that :roll::roll:

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I have just ordered my first greenhouse and I can't wait for it to arrive :D


www.norfolk-greenhouses.co.uk/shop/shop ... cat=Budget


Also ordered a mini greenhouse heater as well :D


Can't wait to start growing some vegetables :D


Hi Ali,

Which size did you order? We finished erecting the senior 8 one a couple of weekends ago. Great fun it was tooooooo!!!! :D

Must say though in its defence, it was quite easy to put together & is very sturdy.

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My mum had a paving path down the middle of her big greenhouses with raised beds straight onto the soil down each side. I think smaller greenhouses more often have a totally hard base - our teeny tiny greenhouse has concrete lovingly laid by OH


One advantage of paving laid on sand, is that it would be easy to create open beds in the greenhouse in future if you changed your mind - hacking up concrete is not recommended - personal experience :?

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Our greenhouse is on a dodgy soil base, covered with pea-shingle. We plant everything in growbags - not ideal, but better than trying to sort out the ground underneath!

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Actually, we have just inherited some free paving stones, which we intend to use for a middle path in the greenhouse.


We got the pea shingle, (or chick peas as Chookiehubbie insists on calling them :? ) because we tried to dig down through the rubbley earth that we have, and it was just impossible, so a local gardener recommended the shingle, and stick to things that would grow in a grow bag.

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