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jenny b

Wyandotte chicks!!! Ahhhh!

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We have recently hatched 3 brown porcelain (or also known as mille fleur) wyandotte chicks.

2 Questions:

firstly does anyone know anything about this breed. We have been told its rare but are unsure.

Secondly, 1 of the chicks has curly toes on one foot. Its foot looked fine when it first hatched but now its middle and outer toes are curling to the outside. It walks fine and doesnt appear to be in any discomfort. Any ideas? is there anything we should be doing?

thanks Jen.

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I haven't heard of millefleur wyandottes before - I bet they're pretty! Silver black-laced is the original colour, and that's what I have - I suspect the millefleur has been obtained by out-crossing with one of the fancy European breeds.


Are your chicks bantams or LF (large fowl)?

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thanks for your replies. It does seem to be getting worse. The chicks are just over 2 weeks old now and this has only been noticable over the last few days. Up until then she/he was fine.

We have read that with twisted toes rather than curly toes you cant really do anything but have never the less put a little splint on the toe to encourage her/him to straighten it out.

If anyone has any more advice please let me know??? I wouldnt want the chick to suffer but want to help in any way that I can. Im rather attatched!


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