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Martin B

Do I feed them too much?

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That sounds about right Martin. It depends on the size of your bunnies, but I have two mini-lops (not so small) an dthey have 1.5 10cm bowls of dried food, two bowls of veg and a good handful of hay.


Hay is very important for their digestion as is water. Try not to feed the fruit - it is a bit sweet for them and 'wet' food can be bad for their digestion, so limit it to treats. I'd love to see some pictures of them when you get a moment.

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You can tell if a rabbit is too fat, because they 'feel' fat! if they look a bit bulky , run your fingers down their spine. If you can feel each vertebrae and yet they don't look skinny then everything is fine. Besides, 'tis better to be a bit thin than fat.


My rabbits get the 60 grams (ish) of excel per day and lots of hay and water as well. That's about right, although they don't think so!!!

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