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First 7 chook days!

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My orange Eglu and 2 chooks (Pepperpot & Ranger called 'Sage and Onion') were delivered last friday and everythings gone better than anticipated. :D


Firstly,my dog (a very friendly Bullmastiff) took to them immedietly and often joins them in foraging sessions on the lawn for the seed i scatter.They follow him-he follows them,but he does eat their poo so probably see's them as a free vending machine... :wink:


Onion the Gingernut in particular is very friendly and will literally be inches from me while in garden.She is by far the boldest and activly taps at my backdoor! :lol: Sage the Pepperpot is a bit more reserved and wont come right close to me,but she's getting better.Oddly though-she allows my dog to sniff her,but isnt keen on me handling her?


They're both enchanting little things which have brought my garden to life and im so glad i got them.I chose the bright orange Eglu because its my fav colour and i think a wacky design needs an equal colour.Just gotta wait for the first egg now! :lol:

The futures bright...the futures orange...! :shock:


A new hybrid-called the 'Chookmastiff'...





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