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Cold Hardiness of Marans

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Hi again. :)


I am heading over to the farm tomorrow to trade in our suspected roo and one of the breeds in the right age range as a replacement is a Maran. I have been hunting the we trying to find information on what is meant by the general description of not cold hardy. How cold is cold? Would love to hear how the Marans on this board handle cold weather.


Thank you again everyone.


PS Other options I was given:


Buff Orpington (too big for the Eglu I think)


Rhode Island

New Hampshire

Sussex (maybe)

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I have an English maran and she is a big bundle of feathers! Got her in November last year along with a silver sussex and a light sussex. They seem to have no problems with the cold at all.


My light sussex is lovely, the other two are a little more flighty.


Good luck choosing.

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figlette, you might want to put "US" (and maybe the state) in your profile - I checked your other posts because I vaguely recognised your username, but anyone who didn't know might give you erroneous advice because of the difference in climates between the US and the UK. Temperatures here rarely drop much below -5 Celsius (23 Fahrenheit) even in the depths of winter, so cold-hardiness isn't really an issue!


I should think that when it comes to poultry, it's about their ability to cope with freezing temperatures. I googled the Dominique (we don't have them over here) and discovered it is a cold-hardy breed - I notice it has a small comb, which would help (less heat loss, less chance of frostbite).


Have fun choosing your chickens!

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we have a cuckoo maran and she's very small and slight compared to my other chickens. She is very hardy though - I've never had any illness with her *touch wood* and has survived our (not very low) temperatures of -5/-6 degrees which we have had recently.


She's a nice hen and a very reliable layer. :)

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Thank you all. Apologies for not noting my location as that is a pretty crucial part of the equation. The weather here is fairly mild (and similar to the UK from what I have read), normally staying in the 0 to -5 Celsius range in the winter months. Although have it be noted that every time I have visited the UK it has been beautiful weather (even in December), so I am only going off what I hear weather is usually like across the pond. I have been told that I am a weather good luck charm. 8)


Thank you again.

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