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Bumper Bits Etc.

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I got some recently for the same reason...I was advisd to get 35mm for adult hens.


I got mine from **here** and they were very helpful...but they only sell them in largish quantities.....so if anyone needs one...pm me. :lol:


I have since discovered that the **Wernlas Collection** will sell them o yo in small quantities if you give them a call and discuss what you need.


Have a look **here**at Kates "Definitive Guide"

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There is only one type of bumper bit, but it comes in different sizes. I think you are thinking of other kinds of device, such as anti-peck rings, which are better for chicks.


Here is a picture of a bumper bit fitted to a 19-week old pullet:



It shows you by how much the bumper should stick out in front of the beak, acting like a car bumper. The bit is the part inside the mouth. It also shows you how far back on the beak the prongs go: there is a tendency to want to put them in a smaller hole that is really a groove in front of the nostril itself.

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