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1st Quail egg has hatched !

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I'm planning to get a 'Country cottage' run for the quail -see http://www.pet-supply-store.co.uk/products.php?cat=81 as they don't need to free range.


I don't think the eglu roosting bars are suitable and I wanted something with a little height for when they are startled (with a net to stop them banging their heads).


Maybe Omlet should look into a mini cube option for quail :shock:

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2nd chick has now hatched 24hrs after the first, signs of cracking on a couple more eggs so hopefully will get 3 or 4 out of this batch. I think I need to get some more eggs :D:roll:


I'm not hugely hopeful for the rest as half the eggs were cracked or broken when they were delivered so had been handled roughly :shock: so we put 6 intact and one with a small crack in the incubator.

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Noticed your country cottage website says 2 day delivery. I originally ordered one like this which said the same but when I actually placed the order it said 4 weeks (and they took the money up front), still didn't turn up. Got a letter from them which said there were none on the boat and that the next shipment was not due for another 5 weeks. Thats when I realised they were actuallty coming from China. I cancelled my order as I prefer to buy British where I can (must say though I never checked where Omlet manufacture). You may be lucky as the company who imports them - SCI ltd. does supply alot of online shops so you may get lucky with the lead-time.

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