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Bad news, and good!!!

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Poor Jack lost his fight with his infection through the night.He was such a sweetie. :( . I was so sorry for Vera who would not leave his side, and is not normally noisy but was quacking a lot. I had a long shift today and had a phone call from my Mum who is deaf to say that Vera was very noisy!. My son went to the breeder to get a companion for her, and instead of coming home with a Bali drake came home with 2 Indian runners. So glad that Vera has company, and they are getting on like a house on fire, but their house only takes 2 ducks; not that I can get the 3 of them in it. Just come home from work to find them on their pond. Gosh those runners are noisy :shock: Feeling guilty about being happy to see the new ducks while still grieving the beautiful Jack. Take care all, XX Moyna

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So sorry to hear you lost Jack :(

It's amazing how attatched you can become to ducks, it's one of those things people can't understand till they have kept them.

Don't feel guilty, you did all you could and you have done the best thing for vera in getting her new companions, ducks don't like being alone.

You will enjoy your runners they are lovely, I think once they settle in they may not be so noisy :wink:

Ours is very very quiet unless upset about something, so it may just being in a new hom that is making them so vocal.

I always thought that Bali's were pretty much a runner with a crest, are they a different breed?

Do you have any pics yet?

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It is amazing how fond you can get of ducks!. I got closer to Jack because I could catch him!, and he used to look forward to seeing me. I think because of that big bobble on top Balis can bring a smile to any face. The runners are great, still cannot catch them. They are bigger than Bali's and are slightly more upright. Wish DS had got the black runners though, dog will not stalk big black birds. He killed a few raven fledglings 2 years ago and those adult birds have not forgot and will attack him as he walks into the park I back onto. A scared Vizsla is a sight to see. Anyway thank you for your kind words of support, because I own a restaurant the only words of sympathy I had this weekend were about cooking Jack in various ways. :shock: Managed to get a few photos of ducks today, will try with my untechnical mind to post a few. Thanks again, Moyna

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