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Fur 'n' Feathers

One Week In - So Far, So Good

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Well, the girls have been here a week now and we're loving every minute of it :!:


So far, no fights, no real pecking order - maybe this will become more pronounced when they come into lay. They take themselves off to bed by 7.30pm :o


Krasi's comb and wattles are the most advanced and she had a little crouch on Sunday so looking good there.


Kilo and Miso are at about the same stage, though Miso is slightly smaller build.


Krasi has chuntered since she arrived ( a bit like a DMU horn at times), with Kilo starting a few days later. Today, Miso started to mutter occasionally. They all have their own voice sounds :lol:


Miso is the one that likes hopping about on both legs like a rabbit at times - this is really comical. She also likes roosting on the edge of the dustbath bowl :lol: .


They're not fussed about lettuce, or cucumber, but are complete suckers for grapes and mealworms, chasing for them.


Rascal finds them a curiosity and got to the point today when he sniffed that bit too near the bars, resulting in a quick peck on the nose from Miso :shock: He won't be doing that again :!:


We haven't let them roam yet, but they don't seem that concerned.


Today Feathers was able to pick Kilo up and we examined her for any sign of lice....zero :D . They all appear really healthy :D Kilo quite seemed to enjoy the experience and didn't struggle to be put down again. The other two are a bit more reticent to be picked up, but we're just taking our time and allowing them to get used to us.


Hen-keeping is everything we hoped it would be and more so far .... bliss 8)

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