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brand new eggs - anyone noticed...

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I picked up one of Daisy's eggs today within minutes of her leaving the nest box crowing loudly (her not me :wink: ) and to my astonishment - the pigment wasn't dry! Daisy's eggs are brown with darker speckles and as I picked up the eggs I scratched away some of the speckles with my thumb.


Amazing! I'm sure you've noticed this before but I thought it was amazing that right to the very last second an egg is still being produced!



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Apparently with Marans chickens, the egg is coated at the last minute as it comes down whatever passage it comes down. If it is still wet, the pigment can be rubbed off. This is different to other breeds of chicken where the egg shell colour is made at the same time as the egg.


Hope this non-technical explanation helps. You could try Googling "Marans eggs" and you'll get an in depth explanation.



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