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Silly but maybe just what we need today

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Right I am suggesting we have a virtual....


'Omlet Forum The Musical'


I am going to be 'Buffie' played by Olivia Newton John (in the days of Grease) because I wanted to be Sandy :oops::oops::oops::D


Who's going to play you and why. Out all day now so have some fun!!!!! :wink:



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Not strictly a musical, but can I be Princess Fiona from Shrek?. We have a similarly expanding waistline, and equally attractive but heroic and funny hubby's :shock: I might need to borrow one of Annie p's donkeys, but I do have my own swamp (otherwise known as a back garden :shock: ) and assorted wildlife :wink:

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Can't think who I would be,but can I make a suggestion for Dan,Phil & GRD


The 3 guys from "The adventures of Pricilla,queen of the desert"


I bet they would look fab in lipstick & high heels 8):wink::lol:



OK - but I'll be Guy Pearce - the one with the cheekbones - he played Felicia Jollygoodfellow


what a cracking film that is... I havne't watched that in ages...




PS - you can create your very own drag-queen name by putting together the name of your first childhood pet and the name of the street you first lived on...


I'd be Smokey Wellington.. :?

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Snotty Belmont........


In my defence, my big brother named our budgie, NOT me!


Can I be 'Audry 2', the plant out of Little Shop of Horrors, please? I feel that the ability to eat people up in one gulp may enhance my moderating skils!!!



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So glad you've given up on Maria, Mel. :)


Can I have Julie Andrews playing me, PLEASE? I'm quite happy to be a Maria character with seven well-behaved children who don't care what they wear and like to spend their time singing. :D:D


And I'm very happy for people to think I look like Julie Andrews, though the real Maria von Trapp really struggled with her weight. :shock:

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Feel free to be Maria

Perhaps I could be Liesl? After all I dont look much more than sixteen, going on seventeen....................... :wink:

Certainly, you can be my eldest daughter! :D You don't look a day over 16. Do we have a summer house for you to dance in? Does Paul have to be Rolph or would you prefer some other dish (eg. grd, Dan, Martin :!: . . .?)

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