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Cat lovers - have you ever come across this?

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I have had 2 kittens reserved for 7 weeks now,with a deposit of £50 per kitten paid.

I went to visit them yesterday,prior to picking them up at the weekend ,& casually mentioned to the lady who has them that I wanted the little girl to have a litter next year.

She just said "no,I am not allowing that" & said that I have to sign a contract saying they will both be neutered within 6 months,& send verification from the vets to proove this.

I was gobsmacked,as this clause wasn't mentioned when I paid my deposit,& we really wanted to raise kittens in our home again.


Not sure what to do now,but Hubby reckons we should just get the boy (who is going to be neutered anyway) & get a girl from someone else.....

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It sounds to me that she is scared you are going to muscle in on what can be a very lucrative market!


Cat shelters often insist on neutering, to try and prevent unwanted littens being thrust back at them, but I can't imagine that would be this womans problem!

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They do that for a reason im afraid.

You need to become an expert on cat genetics. all pedegree breaders will force you to sign a similar form unless. Being a breader of a pedgree cat is not a simple matter of putting 2 cats together.


You have to go on courses to find out what the club standard of that bread is (they only want breeders who are doing it for the benifit of the cat bread, and furthing the style of the bread.. not people who like the idea of raising cute kittens).


they dont want the market flooded with hundreds of cats which do not follow the pedegree standard.


i.e. ragdoll cats with "white" in their fir (paws / nose / tail) is a domenant feature.. so it would be very easy for this to take over, and for there to no longer be cats without white in their fir. so there has to be a set number of non-whited gene cats that are bread to allow that particlar style to continue. same with eye coloue / fir length and type.


I had to do a lot of reasearch into this as i wanted to become a ragdoll breeder.



you will only get a breeding queen from a pedegree breeder if

1. they think the cat is close enough to the pedegree standard to breed from

2. you can prove you are a club memeber and understand the breeding practises.

3. you pay the high price for that breeding cat (they normally cost 3/4 times the price of a pet cat)


keeping an un-neutared male cat in your house may not be such a good idea either.. they are likely to spray and cause a fuss.


sorry.. its not all doom and gloom. Im going on some courses next year, and I am looking to buy a ragdoll breeding queen next year (£1000).


(i had to sign the neutering agreement on my 3 pet ragdolls as they were sold as pets. and were no where near the standard)

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This is going to take some thinking about :?


They are only half pedigree,so muscling in on the action wasn't really part of the plan.

We just wanted some kittens born & raised in the home again...they were a joy last time,& we certainly were not considering any sort of pedigree male being involved - there are enought Toms around here to take care of that!


I do see her point,I really do,I just wish she had told me about this clause when I put down the deposit :?

And I agree with maintaing the purity of the breed - but these are mongrels anyway!!!


We are 100% having the little boy cat,& I think I shall phone her to discuss the little girl.

I will report back :lol:


Kaz - how exciting about becoming a Ragdoll breeder - do keep me informed :P


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Or do a course and become a pedegree breeder... its expencive work



£500- £100 for the breeding cat

+ vet bills (which can run high if something goes wrong)

+ training courses

+ stud (either bording fees or looking after him for a few weeks)

+ regestering each new cat litter with the club, and working out their markins and style

+ pedegree papers

+ special food and insruances

+ vaccinations

+ dealing with new owners who dont want to neuter their pets :lol:


but.. its all worth it.


I wouldnt recomend breeding non-pedegree cats as there are enough of them homeless in shelters which need a home. (bless them)

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I spent all last night looking at rabbit breeders. One wanted to inspect where it would be kept, see photo's of the family :shock: before they would allow you to purchase a rabbit.


It would be kept in a lovely EGLU of course :D


I am sure this person would find fault though. They were specifying all sorts of stipulations.

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Well,I called her & chatted to her about this.


It didn't go terribly well :?


I have passed on the girl kitten,but she will not refund me my £50 deposit,or take it off the balance of the male kitten.


I WAS going to take her a box of fresh eggs when I went there at the weekend,don't think I'll bother now :evil:

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I think she has to give you the depsit back, as she failed to mention a specific condition of the sale. I'm not an expert, but I am under the impression that if you fail to mention such a specific condition to the sale (I assume she would have hit you with this when you went to pick them up), then your contract (verbal or written) can be considered void, therefore entitling you to a refund.


What would she do if you didn't provide the proof to her, if you did go ahead and take the girl?

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Shona,If I don't provide proof or neutering within 6 months then she will not send me the kittens "papers".When I collect the male kitten I have to sign a contract promising this.

I am assuming that this is pedigree documentation,but as they are not pedigree I am not sure what this means.....


Maybe I have been niave here,but I thought that as they were only half bengal it would be just like buying any kitten from anyone :?


I am worried that if I kick up a stink she will refuse to sell me the little boy cat,but I may pay for him & collect him then send her a letter stating exactly what you said in your post.

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I would give Trading Standards a ring about this.


Taking the £50 off the cost of the male kitten may work out ok for you but I really feel for the next person that falls foul of this :(


I have called Trading Standards twice on something ebay related and they were so helpfull and friendly on each occasion so I would really recommend it. They will be able to offer advice on where you stand without getting heavy about it.


Here is the number for you:


08454 040506

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oh dear, I wish I'd seen this before. My mum bred siamese cats for a bit, as did I. How it worked was that we bought a blue girl, for pet cost, and we agreed to go back to the breeder for her to be put to an unrelated male. This cost around £70, but if she didn't 'take' the first time, she got another go free. We also agreed to offer the breeder first choice on any kittens she wanted. Our blue wasn't a show standard cat, but she was breed standard. She never wanted any of our kittens, but as we registered our blue girl and the sire was registered, we were able to register the kittens as pedigree and sell them as such (they were good kits). I also bought myself a boy a couple of years later, not for breeding, and I agreed with the breeder that if I wanted to breed, I would change registration to myself and pay a stud fee to the original breeder. As it happened, Myrrh wasn't a good example of the breed standard, so I didn't.

Now, if your frankly busybodying woman is going to withold papers until you provide proof of neutering, then all she is going to withold are the papers which enable you to register the kittens as pedigree. You're not bothered, so if I were you I'd have just taken her. This might not be possible now as you've already spoken to this woman. If you think she won't believe you, you could try again to reassure her that you will not be breeding pedigree kittens. Or you could see if she would allow you to put your girl to an unrelated boy of hers. If you have no luck, I suggest that you contact the GCCF, and tell her that you're going to do so, about your deposit, which she should refund you as she didn't mention the stipulation about breeding, nor should you have expected it with non purebred cats.


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Now, if your frankly busybodying woman is going to withold papers until you provide proof of neutering, then all she is going to withold are the papers which enable you to register the kittens as pedigree. You're not bothered, so if I were you I'd have just taken her.


The thing is,they are NOT pedigree,her Bengal got out & had a good time with the local wandering Tom....hense the kittens!

So much for her trying to "maintain the purity of the breed!"


I wish I had just taken the girl now,but you know how it is.I was sitting & dwelling & I just wanted to talk to this woman about the situation.


I think I will collect my boy kitten,pay her,get him in the car then tell her that I think she has behaved in an unprofessional manner.

I will follow this up with a letter requesting my £50 back,& take it further if needs be.


The little kitten (Chilli) is divine - I will post some piccys when he has arrived :P

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