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Elderberry Rob

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Elderberry Rob


4lbs elderberries weighed on stem

2x2" pieces of cinnamon stick

1 piece ginger root, bruised

Grated nutmeg

1tsp allspice berries

1tsp cloves

1/2 pint water

12 oz honey to each 1 pint liquid

1/4 pint brandy


Take elderberries from stalks and put in saucepan with spices and water. Bring to boil and gently simmer for 20 minutes until pan is full of juice. Put some muslin in a colan der and pour the elderberries through. Gather the sides of the muslin and squeeze out all the juice you can. Measure and return to clean saucepan. Bring the juice to the boil and add honey. Stir until it dissolves and boil for 10 minutes. Take pan off heat and wait for it to stop bubbling then pour in the brandy. Pour into hot, sterilized bottles and cork tightly. Makes about 1 and 1/2 wine bottles full.


Makes a delicious warming drink - dilute one part to three parts hot water.

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It's wonderful for colds, Christine. The elderberries help you sweat it out and the brandy - well, you forget you've got a cold :lol: . It should keep well with the brandy. Mine's in the fridge purely because I don't have room in the larder and it's over a year old now and still looks and tastes good. There is a non-alcoholic version which I've seen somewhere but the brandy really does make it nice. The recipe is from a collection of old recipes. I'd never heard of a rob before either!

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For you, Martin, of course. This chutney gets better the longer it's kept. It comes from one of my favourite books of all time - The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill.


Elderberry Chutney


4 pints elderberries

8oz raisins

8oz dark brown sugar

6oz onions

1oz salt

cayenne pepper, mace and allspice to taste

2 pints vinegar - cider vinegar in preference


Put everything in a preserving pan and stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cook, stirring now and then, until it is all soft, thick and sticky but not sticking to the pan. Spoon into warm jars. Seal with plastic lids - not metal as the vinegar corrodes it and not paper as teh vinegar evaporates causing the chutney to dry out.


I'll copy this into a separate topic as well in case anyone's on the look out for chutney recipes instead of boozy drinks!

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Oh dear Sean, elderberries can be difficult to pick can't they?

I'm sure you're parents will appreciate the team effort. Well done Martin and Sean, it sounds like you're both doing a great job.


Thanks Kate, that elderberry rob recipe sounds right up my street :D Maybe I could persuade my little darlings :roll: to go and pick me some tomorrow whilst I'm at work :D

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