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Are you Average?  

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  1. 1. Are you Average?

    • Yes, I do 100+ hours a week
    • I do 10 hours but make it look like 100
    • I pay someone else to do my share
    • Isn't that what husbands are for?
    • No - I'm a slob

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Todays Daily Mail has an article that says


"Mothers work harder than anyone else, putting in 100 hours a week in cleaning, child care, the school run and other duties.

This is more than double the 43.6 hours a week of the average British worker."


It goes on to say-


" 58% of women do not bother to shave their legs, 54% rarely wear make-up, only 32% do their nails and only 24% regularly get their hair done"


"The mothers who do get the most time to themselves live in Wales - 6 hours a week: Mothers in West Midlands do the most ironing - 24 hours a week: Those in the SE get the most sleep - 8 hours, and those in London spend most time on the school run - 7 hours."


Well - I don't do 100 hours, so who's doing my share? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Me and many others I am sure............My children have a busy time table and I am expected to run them all over the place, Tom has 4 cricket matches this weekend all back to back so it will be a challenge to get to them all on time................ :lol:


I certainly feel like I work 100 hours a week but the cleaning up sometimes gets left so I can come on the forum................ :lol::lol:

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:shock: More like 200 :!::roll: . I do just about everything ... including cutting the grass, and all the inside jobs. Having said that Graham did mop the kitchen floor today, and cleaned the windows. And thankfully we share the ironing. But theres still the added "school" stuff ... and yes, I rarely wear makeup, do however shave my legs (even if a bit rushed) .. and last week had about 3 inches taken off the length of my hair. I had not been to the hairdressers since well before Xmas, and tend to dye it myself, in the garage (reminds me for this weekend :roll: ).


Thing is ... I tend to put everyone else ... inc. the animals (hard to distinguish sometimes :lol: ) well before myself, but honestly, would not be happy doing it any other way. :wink:

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I'm up with the London mums on the school run - 7 hours a week if I can go 50/50 with my neighbour, otherwise even more! As for the rest of it, I think I do about 40 to 50 hours a week (including cooking dinner, chickens, gardening etc). That still gives me loads of leisure time though, as you can see from the amount of time I spend on the forum!

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Yes, I could easily do 100 hours a week, and I have a bit of a hairy school run, 7 hours possibly just about covers it if the traffics not too bad. But, to be fair that's my fault. The children could have gone to more local, more easily accessible schools, but I fought to get them into schools with what I percieved to be a better ethos. Now I pay the price in struggling through school run traffic each day :roll:


But could do 100 hours a week and actually do 100 hours a week, now those are different statements. Probably in reality I have a frantic, super housewife & Mum week, then spend a week basking in how lovely it is to have clean windows/ skirting boards/ no fluff under the beds etc, and generally let the whole place go to pot again. Ad since the weathers better and I can go into the garden, and since I've discovered this forum, ..... well who wants to spend time with duster, vacuum cleaner and iron :?::oops:


It's not as if the family ever actually seem to notice if I've done any housework or not :roll:


Kate A (green eglu)

Sage PP

Onion GNR

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OK it was me - I was thinking more about the state of my house rather than counting all the hours I put in and still manage to have the house in a state. Also, while I love clutterfree clean rooms, I am quite happy with my feet up in a farmhouse kitchen with muddy boots everywhere and a saddle being cleaned on the table! And I know I have the muckiest eglu around :D:D but the girls are healthy, happy and laying well so I don't care.

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I am the other slob. I do the school run every day, but at the moment the ground floor of our house (which is all flagstones) is full of leaves and small stones from the garden path as I had the back door open all weekend and people were trooping in and out. I meant to clear it up last night but Harrison Ford was on the telly and somehow I couldn't tear myself away.......

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My house is a mess because, despite weather forecasts to the contrary, it hasn't rained here. I can only do the housework when it rains because I have to be in the garden otherwise. I've been out in the garden all morning and it has just started raining - only problem is - I can't move so housework will still have to wait! :?

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