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Green lawn without chemicals

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We have a really great lawn since the chickens came and this is basically what I did.


I airated the lawn (buffie jumping up and down on a fork!) and cut out any persistant weeds with a knife. I then did a top dress of sharp sand, topsoil and grass seed mixed. That was last year and grass was great. Had some bald patches this spring so I have netted off small areas (will post pics later) that need to be seeded. I airated and did as above keeping the chickens off. I have found that I can seed with netting covering the surface and grass will not be affected by them as they don't scratch the netting. They eat some seed but then lose interest.


lawn colour and density shown here:





No feed required as the poop is doing the job for me. Weeds now not strong enough to grow as grass is so healthy and found 1 small dandelion that I'll cut out later!



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Thanks for that buffie, my grass looks pretty good this year too I wash all the chicken poo down into the ground with a hose pipe (no ban here yet) and like you cut out the weeds, if you put salt in the hole the weed came from it should kill off the roots..................My friend even commented on how good the lawn was looking yesterday, it must be the free chicken poop fertiliser that is doing such a good job.

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My lawn was laid 3 years ago in May (blimey, it is May :shock: ) and I have always wandered round with a knife to cut out weeds being careful to go down deep to get all the root.


Last year the lawn had some bald patches from the cats and all I did was patch in with turf. I'd cut out a spot to plant my eucaltptus so used the turf from that.


This way the grass matched in perfectly and the results were instant with no guarding of grass seed required!


The first week the girls were here I underestimated how much poo they produced and they'd gorged on grass (they used to be kept on soil. The poo has compacted and produced bald patches. I'll patch in with turf again this year too.


For anyone deciding to go down the grass seed route, you can mix with soil and leave to spout slightly before sowing to speed the process up. 8)

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I made the mistake a while ago of trying to dig out the weeds.


The girls loved the fact that a very small bit of soil was exposed :? Now I have lots of lovely pot holes in my lawn where they dug down.


Also still more weeds than grass. I tried weed a feed its not done a thing, except where it flooded out of the spreader about a 2 metre line where it has just killed everything, grass and all and left the ground black. :cry:

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My lawn is looking tippy-top too :D The girls free range in the evenings and at weekends now the days are longer and although they potter on the grass and have a peck they save all their forceful scratching for the shrubby borders. The lawn is looking nice and green thanks to their poops and they have dethatched nicely for me. The moles that I cursed so much during the winter have actually done a fine job of aerating (although I think they must have munched through the roots of my Daphne because that has remained a bare twiggy thing this year :( I'm making a nice gravel path at the moment so that the lawn doesn't get ruined by me tooing and froing to the eglu in the winter - I'll post some piccies once it's done.

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