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Chicken on a mission

How do I do a blog?

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Lovely words of encouragement there Andrew - and I agree with all of them.


Thalia, you'll be an inspiration at the end of your journey - and remember when you are having a bad day we are here to keep you going. It's amazing what a PM can do for you. I've had so much encouragment throughout my pregnancy, I can't tell you how grateful I am to everybody. It really helps keep you positive and focused.


(If you've totally lost your username and password, just set up another blog and copy and paste what you have already written into it. We won't tell a soul :wink: )

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Thalia, I think that you are being very brave. As the others have said; we are all behind you 100% - if you need support, just get onto one of us rather than reaching for the biscuit barrel. Feel free to email or PM me if you want someone to chat to, and you have professional advice from Buffster too.


Go for it girl!!!!

:D Big hugs and kisses from all of us.

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