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Chicken on a mission

How do I do a blog?

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I can't help I'm afraid COAM, but I have to confess that I'll be very interested in any responses that you get as my daughter's planning a blog too, and whilst I'm supportive, I think she'll have a very interesting tale to tell that she wants to publicise as much as possible, I'm worried about security and internet issues. What are the pitfalls of blogs? And do all comments directed at the blogger obviously visible.... I mean there's no sneaky private message systems that I could miss out on if I'm "moderating/ editing" her blog?

Sounds like you've had an interesting week though... I hope we'll all be invited to read your blog :?8)

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I need help too :oops::wink:


I have a blog and haven't quite got the gist of adding stuff yet so I need help. I want to make mine about the greening of our lives and BHWT so I'll wait and see if any one comes to help us. Did you know you need to email james to get a blog registered or register at www.eglu.co.uk I think :?



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One of the most popular blog hosters - free and more functional than the Omlet one is here: http://www.blogger.com/start


it takes you through step by step - it is very easy and totally free - if you can post here successfully - you can make a blog there


good luck



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I'd just like to add my support as I can't add comments to your site without signing up for a blog.

I often feel very low, although don't have weight problems, so feel for you.

Good luck on the new diet or whatever you decide to do to tackle this. It's good you've made the decision you want to tackle, it must be so difficult for you.


Sarah :D

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Great Blog Thalia - I have saved it to my favourites & will look in often to see how you are getting on :D


Hopefully you will provide me with some much needed inspiration :wink:


Hope it goes well - you seem to be in the right frame of mind which is half the battle won :P

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Blog is up and running, I just need to work out how to add to it and what my details were :roll:



Thalia, if you go to this web-page you can log yourself in to your blog to add more postings.




1. A dashboard page will appear once you have logged in


2. Click on your Blog name over on the left


3. Click create new post


4. Now you can add a new post with a new title


Across the top of the box is a menu displaying various icons. The picture with the blue sky will allow you to add a picture. You can drag this picture into the bulk of text you have written and place it where you like.


At the bottom of the window it says Post and Comments Options.


Click the little black arrow to the left of this and you can change the date and time of the post to suit you. The posts will appear in your blog in date order, taken from the settings here. I sometimes alter the date on mine if I've been lazy one week and not filled in my blog on time.


5. Once you are happy with what you have written (click the preview button to see what you have put) click the Publish Post button in the bottom right


It will update your blog and you can click the See blog in a new window to view the blog.

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I've just read your blog Thalia..... good luck with it, l'll keep checking out your blog and watching your progress. It sounds as if you're really motivated..... but don't be too hard on yourself, you sound like a great person just as you are, make changes as you see necessary for your health and happiness, but don't ever lose sight of the fact that you are a wonderful person, a great Mum to Esme and James sounds as if you loves you very much just as you are.

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Thalia, having just read your blog I too have to say that the full frank and honest line you have taken is admirable. One of my closet friends has put on lots of weight since having her second child. She had miscarried 8 or 9 times and was so happy to have 1 never mind a second. She has spoiled her son terribly - (her first is a girl and 8 years older who's totally a daddys's girl) - and now he is nearly three he is a very big boy. She carried on picking him up though and 8 weeks ago damaged her back. She couldn't do anything and is in terrible pain. She had an operation on Friday but still don't know how she is other than in less pain.


She also gave up smoking a few years ago and treats food in the same way that you do - a necessity, a treat, etc.


There's a great big hug coming your way from me for sure, and everyone else I'll bet.


if you want the stricter approach - how about this? - You've got quite a few of us checking your blog now - keep up the routine of posting your feelings good and bad and we'll all listen - but if nothing else you will have support.

Try thinking of it as something you have to do for everyone else reading your blog to know how you are doing.


You've set your goal - You've just got to achieve it now


Good Luck!

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