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I have three trees in my garden, eating apple, cooking apple and pear. I was wondering is it ok for the chickens to eat all of these things? Also is it ok for them to eat the small fallers you get at this time of year (like marble sized ones) or would they give tummy ache?

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Morning Yolky


I think it will be ok.


They seem to know what they can eat and what not to eat. They might have a taste to start with and then leave them alone.


I have a pear tree and cherry tree. I must admit I havent seen any windfalls so they must have eaten them with no ill effects. I think they know not to gorge on things like this.


Yesterday I saw them making a leap from the ground up into the redcurrant bush! :D These they tasted and left alone.



Hope this helps

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I am sure it is OK for hens to eat the little hard marbles that are falling at the moment as a result of the "June drop". My hens are eating them with no ill effect.


But I wouldn't give them free access to hundreds of big ripe windfalls later in the year, because they are greedy devils and it might give them bad stomachs and you a nasty cleaning job.


Also, of course, when apples go black on the ground they are turning themselves into cider, and although it would be amusing for a moment to see drunk chickens, it would then be worrying.


I am only guessing this: I am a coward, and so ration my hens to about one Bramley apple between two a day in the late autumn when they are falling off my tree. I would be interested to know the maximum number of apples a hen can eat per day with no ill effect: I might then give them more.

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