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It's not easy being green - did you enjoy the programme?

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Think I mat contact the programme and see if young James fancies coming up to help me terrace my mountainous new garden into raised veggie beds without his top on..... :wink::drool::lol::lol:

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Just watched the second episode and I enjoyed it! :D It wasn't as exciting as the Strawbridge's story, but interesting and entertaining.


There is not going to be a DVD of the first series. :(

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I saw you on there Martin, extolling the virtues of the eglu!! 8)


Someone has to, there are a lot of doubters out there ... most of the threads should end up in the DGR, I think. Feelings can run quite high!


They'll be moving to a new server soon, and revamping the forum. When they do, I'll post the new link.

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