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*collapses onto the thread sofa*

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Im pooped. spent all day accomodating my boss who wanted to host a meeting at our house. (even though i am signed off sick)


Then i have spent the rest of the day cooking in preperation for simon's birthday party on sunday (the meat and kebabs have been popped in the freezer)


So I have finished the


-donner kebabs

-burgers stuffed with mozzerella

-spicy tomato marinaded sausage and cherry tomato kebabs

-homemade ciabatta (spelling)

-spicy bbq sauce

-halumi and cherry tom kebabs


then there is just the couscous, pasta salad and potato salad to make :)


thing is.. im suprising Si tomorrow morning (which is his actual birthday) with a lovely breakfast in bed, then were off to thorpe park today (he doesn't know that yet. got to be up at 7am *looks at watch*


eek.. must get to bed!


but... must clean the kitchen....



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Kaz - that all sounds fantastic :!:

I must mention my birthday next year in the hope you'll pop over and give me breakfast in bed followed by all your wonderful party cooking :lol:


I don't know how you do it - do remember to rest though - you;re signed off sick after all :wink:

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