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Battery hens

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Hi all

Its been ages since I've been on....

I now help out in the battery hen rescues in Essex,


we could do with another few pairs of hands to help, you can be any age (I'm 13) within reason and don't worry if your not experienced with handling them.

If you do want to help (thats would be great) then you can PM for the details and questions or just go straight to the site!!!

Its a very rewarding thing to do and only after my first rescue I wanted some (which I now have Baby, Molly, Dolly and Polly), they are very sweet and all are laying eggs for me!!!

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Sophie, good to see you back again. What a worthwhile thing you're doing helping with the rescues. Fantastic work :D .

I went to Devon for the big rescue a couple of weeks ago, and came back with 3 rescue girls. Both my 12 year old daughter and I enjoyed the experience and have talked about trying to get more involved with more rescues, so this could be the ideal opportunity for us. I've already contacted the Kent rescue co-ordinator, but I'm in North Kent, pretty close to the Dartford Crossings really, so Essex is easy for me too. I'll email the Essex co-ordinator as well..... and you never know we might just meet up at a rescue sometime :D

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If you check out the website http://www.thehenshouse.co.uk/rescuecoordinators.html there's a list of local co-ordinators, I couldn't see any for the midlands, but it may be that there's someone listed there who you could make contact with. Or maybe Sophie could give you further information, you could try PMing her :?

Good luck with finding out more about the rescues... it's a very valuable job, and a worthwhile experience.

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