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word of the day - **TUESDAY**

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Beelzebug - (n.) Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at 3 in the morning and can not be cast out.




We had at least one of them last night - two huge bites this morning...



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Scholars find this word very frustrating - Beelzebub - formerly known as Beelzebul (but inexplicably changed!)


AKA Lord of the Dung - Lord of the flies... (the first bit is simply the Aramaic form of Baal)


it is obviously a very well-known word in New Testament times - but not found anywhere else in Jewish descriptions/titles of spirits/angels/demons...


although... there are Jewish myths/legends about flies..


eg.. there were never any flies in the Temple

Elisha was recognised as as prophet by the woman of Shunem because no fly crept over his place at the table


later, Jews identified Beelzebub with Baal-berith - whose followers (allegedly) would carry little images of flies in their pockets and retrieve them every now and again to kiss them...



you learn summat new every day!



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Sorryoff topic sort of but the thunderbugs are back and it is everytime we get this humidity, They bite and are everywhere, literally :shock: .


I'm popping out to get my car sorted and then I want to see if grd can zap these as well as spammers :wink:



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My neighbour has just been bought one of those bug tennis rackets which electricute them, for his birthday!

Our house is swarming with flies. SO tempted to get one.

Any other ideas? I hate the idea of spraying, but its horrid here at the moment, as we have a field of sheep next door, the flies are everywhere!

Lots of Beelzebugs! :evil::evil:

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