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EEEK!...A Rat has nibbled my Eglu

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Have only had my Eglu since 28th June.


Was giving it a good clean this pm in the sunshine. when I noticed that the hole in the nesting box was half as big again and had obvious nibble marks.


Rang Penny who suggested bunging it up with a stone, which I have done, having put a tablespoonful of Lazy Red Chilli in the hole first.


Picture in gallery but I have no idea how to create a link.


Am disappointed and now reconsidering whether or not to get another chicken.



created a link for you - LJ :D

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I discovered that rats had burrowed underneath my Eglu from directly behind it, but luckily I spotted the hole in time and filled it in. I've put a huge plant there to stop it happening again, but this of course has to be moved every time I empty the tray, so I am considering putting the Eglu on a slab too.


If the Eglu and run are on soil in a permanent position, I think it is important to do a daily inspection round it to make sure nothing is going on.


Don't let this put you off keeping chickens. The rats are always with us, chickens or not.

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Thanks for the tip about the paving slab and the words comfort..


It is so obvious when you think about it, but I am embarrassed to say that it didn't occur to me. I'm blaming the menopause!!


Have also ordered a rat zapper and some Eradirat. One way or another I shall get the so and so.

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