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Here's something NOT to do...

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1. Buy big paddling pool (8ft diameter)


2. lay it out in garden - fill with a gazillion gallons of water - sit back, watch the children enjoy themselves - even pluck up the courage to join in... on a very hot day..


3. notice some dead flies and bits of leaves


4. get net from garden pond and scoop out said dead flies and leaves


5. realize too late that this has introduced infinitessimal strands of latent pond-weed


6. watch pool turn green


7. wash/bleach out the entire thing - having emptied out the gazillian gallons of (now green) water and refill


8. sit back and watch kids enjoy themselves for two happy days..


9. reconnect the filter pump - forgetting that there might be latent strands of pond weed in there


10. watch pool turn green again - even greener than before :?:?


(not that I'd do a thing like that!! :roll: )



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There speaks a man of experience :wink::D



I have been meaning to get out the monster bouncy castle that my family bought for Esme last year but it is so big that we just left it out.


This year I am concerned that:


a. The chooks will peck it to bits

b. We'll have Esme and 3 chooks on the bouncy castle and going down the slide :shock:


Now I know that technically I could leave the girls in their run but they would only keep giving me 'the look' and make me feel guilty :roll:

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We have one of those big round permenant above ground pools,about 4 foot deep & 15 in diameter.

It has a pump to keep it clean, & take very little maintenence (except this year with the hose pipe ban :evil: )


It cost us £300 about 10 years ago,& it just about ready to be replaced - a bargain as far as I am concerned :P


We are debating as the whether to spend some of our savings on a bigger pool with a better decked area. It is so great for the children - they just love it :P

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b. We'll have Esme and 3 chooks on the bouncy castle and going down the slide :shock:


I would love to see that, how sweet :D:wink:


Henrietta went down the slide last year :shock: Silly chook flew onto it and slid down it :roll: The kids thought it was great :lol:

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