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I'm embroiled in a lively debate on my Bolton Football forum as to wheher it's


Der Bundesliga

Das Bundesliga or

Die Bundesliga....


I'm holding out for Das Bundesliga - but I'm sure there can't be anything more fun to do on a hot sticky night at 23:26! 8)



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you shouldn't be encouraged - off to bed young man!!!


I'm away up the wooden hill (etc.) myself..






PS - it's DAS Bundelsiga, I tell you!!

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I think it's Die. Not 100% though.


Martin - your German is obviously way better than mine!! (mine was always rubbish - I got the O level - and promptly forgot all of it... :( )


anyway - you are half-right, I am totally wrong!! according to a german-teacher friend of mine:


The word "Liga" is feminine and compound nouns (those made up of 2 or more nouns) take their gender from the final noun! If "Bundesliga" is the SUBJECT (NOMINATIVE CASE) or the DIRECT OBJECT (ACCUSATIVE CASE) in the sentence (e.g The Bundesliga is great/ I like the Bundesliga)or follows a PREPOSITION which takes the ACCUSATIVE CASE*, then it will be "die Bundesliga" but if it is the INDIRECT OBJECT (e.g We like to give the Bundesliga our support) or comes after a PREPOSITION which takes the DATIVE CASE* (mit=with, von=from/by etc it will have "der Bundesliga."


*There are some which can take either depending what is implied, but I won't go into that!


It would NEVER be "das"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so there you have it! now you can say you were doing homework last night - German grammar!!


Phil :wink:

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Martin, why go to Portugal for 35 degree heat. It's like that in London today-I think, if not there it is here! In our Dining Room it's 30 degrees in the shade!


FAR TOO HOT! :roll: I should know, I went camping with school yesterday and today! We had to do Orienteering too! :?

(We only found 1 of the points, copied two and wandered around the woods, going on a circular path in different directions-We ended up at base 3-4 times!!!!) There were 20 points to find! :lol::oops:

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