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Broody not broody anymore - yippeeee

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Just had to let everyone know - Penny is no longer Broody.......10 weeks after she first sat herself on the nest - she's snapped out of it!


(With a bit of help from me - Sylvie was going broody again - so I put the small bars over the nest box for 3 days).


Now I just have to wait for an egg (from her and Sylvie).


It's very strange seeing 4 girls again - I was starting to think I only had 3 as I hadn't seen her in such a long time.

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10 weeks :shock: that was a long time for a broody spell, you been giving her strtawberries and champagne in the nest box :wink::lol:


Glad she's back to her old self, I just don;t enjoy the sort of hormoanl tantrums they have....reminds me of.....me! :wink::lol::lol:



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I think Susannah may have snapped out of it


Let her out to clean out the poo and she had a very long dustbath and has been pecking at the ground and chasing/pecking Katy which is promising. Letting her stay out if she behaves. Keeping an eye on her as don't yet trust it is all over.

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That's great news Choccy - how many days was that? I'd be surprised if she was laying quite so soon, but you never know!


Lavinia has been broody and 'resting' for 2 weeks now, so she went into the broody cage yesterday. Ruby had decided to cooch up to her on the nest and exchange knitting patterns, so she's broody now :roll:


On a more positive note - Lucille, my little Dutch bantam who has been poorly laid her first egg for ages yesterday - a beautiful little pure white egg :D Rosie is delighted and will have it for supper tonight.

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