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Charity Auction

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We are doing a challenge at my work where if we raise a certain amount of money - and get a certain number of people involved - the company will donate $10K to our charity. We have chosen the Red Cross - and I've been asked to organise a charity auction.


So - my question is - if you went to an auction - what kind of items would you bid on? for example - does a gift voucher from a shop appeal - or 1 homemade cake a week sound better?


Any ideas gratefully received - please help - I'm struggling!

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Our school always has an auction of promises at its summer fete. It makes huge amounts of profit. I think the idea of auctioning lots of different stuff is a great idea though! The auction of promises is for things like: Bake a cake for someone once a month for a year, mow their garden, walk their dogs, ironing for a month, a round of golf etc, but could also be for tickets to things, electrical stuff etc. Make sure you go round to local shops and ask for prizes. Going in face to face with the manager usually results in a box of chocolates or a voucher. Good luck!

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My sister is an architect and donated a scale drawing of the owner of the highest bids house, she lives in a tiny village in Derbyshire and quite a few 'large house owners' bid quite a lot to get the drawing :roll::D


Lots of trades people could donate something, ie a hair cut, beauty or alternative therapy treatment, and my neighbour is an Indian lady and she donated a curry cooked by herself at a local auction for a primary school, which was enjoyed by the winners :D


karen x

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