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Sexing chicks

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Hello everyone!

Our two hens have managed to hatch out 5 fertilised eggs between them. Does anyone know what the first signs of 'being a man' are?

We've got one chick who struts about and is pushy - is this a boy?!


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Well done, It's good they've hatched all successfully. I'd love to do this.

Are there pictures?


What is the breed, it may help...


Apparently it is really difficult to sex chicks.

My book by Katie Thear has several random ways.

Some breeds have different coloured male/female chicks-autosexing.

The professional way is to look at the vent but that can take years of experience as it isn't always clear. After a certain number of weeks you could post here (as we'd love pictures :roll: ) and on the Practical Poultry forum as they have whole sections of people asking about breeds.

3-4 weeks the tail feathers should grow more in a cockeral and sometimes the primary flight feathers grow faster in females. Good luck :wink:

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I think this is right. Once they reach around 14 weeks old, the chicks develop saddle feathers which lie along the back and either side of the tail. In males, they are long and pointed and very shiny. With females, they are wider and rounded at the ends. YOu can see the same thing in the neck feathers - males have very sharp pointed feathers while females are rounder. Less reliable tests include looking at combs and wattles. At around a couple of weeks old the males sometimes have little combs sticking up and little pink wattles while the females develop these later. Males will start to crow at around 3 months.

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