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Andy T

Help-How To Entertain Chickens?

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I have images of tap dancing/performing for chickens :lol:

They're generally happy eating, pecking, and scratching and don't need entertaining. If they're just in the omlet run you could let them freerange (supervised?), feed treats, hide food in a dust bath, hang up greens in a wire holder so they can peck at them, hang up CDs to peck at.

I discovered they will follow me round the garden, which was entertaining for me :oops:

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ermmm...sing her a song? :lol:

Mine are only allowed out of their Eglu run when I'm around, so I try to break their monotony by providing:

Pecka Blocks: available here

dangly cd on a rope (they peck that too)

hanging up cabbage leaves etc.

corn on the cob

a log in their run to sit on

a dust bath (cat litter tray).

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Lucky... :D


Can you post the image here? And we have tried tying food on string for them to peck at-it was gone within an hour!


I will try the "following round the garden" thing soon, but they are not out of the Eglu yet, but will be in about 4-6 days.


Thanks for the advice,



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We have a Dust Bath, but is sand OK?

I like the sound of these"PeckaBlocks"!

Im sure i can find a few CD'S to hang up for them... is it the shine they like?

Do you mean the normal corn on the cob, or the sun-dried one from pet shops?

We have a plant pot for them to perch on, does that do the job?

As i said in my other post, we tried hanging up lcabbage and it was gone within an hour!


Thanks for the ideas,



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Sorry, long day, I meant your post title made me think in my head of tap dancing etc. That would be some image :shock:

I'm not sure how entertained THEY are by following me :oops:


You don't need to worry about entertaining, they should be happy on their own if they have food etc.

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Yep: Raw corn on the cob. My guys go mad for it!

Sand is good.... you could always put some lice powder in it too: :!::idea: Does a great job of keeping them at bay whilst your girls enjoy themselves!

I think the CD is just the reflection. I remember my granny's budgie used to have a mirror in her cage: same reason I guess....


The first peck a block I bought lasted about 4 weeks, but not they know what to do: they only last about 2 weeks, so quite expensive. :roll: I do remember a thread a while ago about cheaper alternatives to it...I'll go hunt!

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Should I Try hiding the food, or will they just get annoyed? :evil::evil:


How can you tell if a chicken is annoyed? :?:?

Just wondering thats all. :wink:


I hide food for my dogs and they love hunting it out so chickens might like it too. Give it a go and see what they think it should keep them occupied for a while. :D


There was a post on here recently about cucumber bobbing - tray of water and chopped up cucumber in it - appartenly the chooks loved it! Give this a go too :D

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