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Poor Molly (Dog's) Wet Eczema. ANy ideas?

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OK whilst we're on the subject of doggies: perhaps someone will have a great idea as I'm tearing my hair out. Our Airedale Terrier (read "Terror"), Molly, has Wet Eczema. We keep her clipped really short, so as not to antagonise it through heat. She wears no collar as this too triggers her. She used to eat James Welbeloved Lamb and Rice kibble, so no wheat, and now will shortly have Burns :D . We feed her garlic and fenugreek tablets and vegetable tabs (thanks for the tip theherd123).

Whenever we take her to the vets with it, they always do the same, steriod injection, followed by steriod cream, which I hate.

She is particularly bad at present, and I really should think about the vets again...

Any ideas what else we could do?

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Hi Annie P


I'll see if I can put your message on an agility forum - see if anyone can suggest anything.


Out of interest have you heard of CAMROSA ointment....





Go to dogs.


Meanwhile I'll see what other dog people can come up with.


I am off on hols tomorrow so I'll try to report back beofre I go if there is anything.



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Annie the garlic & fenugreek and the mixed veg tablets will take a while to kick in but make sure you have Molly on the 'treatment dose' - im sure you do :wink:

I dont know whether you asked the vet for some Maleseb shampoo? Its antibacterial & antifungal so not sure it will do the trick on her condition but you can ask the vet & see? :?


I know what you mean about the steriods though - nasty things over a lengthy period of time! :evil:


Im at my vets early next week with Pop so will ask her for some ideas then. :D

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Thanks one and all. That link maxhen just completely goes against what we have done :roll:on vets advice: ie. keep the area clipped and use steroid injections and cream! I am so :evil:


So will continue with the new diet, herbal pills and see what happens. Thanks for the advice Buff: Don't use any chemicals in this house :wink:

No seriously, all Ecover stuff, so should be OK. Yes please when your book comes: I'd love to know what it says.

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about: Here's poor Molly's neck today.

I'm also splitting this topic, as I've rather hijacked the Raw meaty bones one :oops::oops::oops: sorry guys!


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Ok done some digging around and found the following bits on wet excema that may be worth a try. Found them on various doggy sites. :D


Is your Rotti suffering from wet eczema or any other skin complaint? If so, try using "Apple Cider Vinegar"! You can get this from your local supermarket, put about a tablespoon in their dinner! You will be amazed at the results. My "Ooops, word censored!" kept getting a big patch of wet eczema on her head & shoulders, after spending a lot of money at the vets for shampoo lotions, tablets & skin s"Ooops, word censored!"es, it still would come back after treatment. Then I was told about Apple Cider Vinegar, within 2-3 days it had totally dried up and by about 8 days it was gone. I only gave her a tablespoon a day for about 10 days. Much cheaper than Vet's Bills. When they start scratching & nibbling I just put it in their dinner for about 2 days, they stop scratching so then the skin doesn't get irritated or infected. Give it a try!


Hibiscrub - this is an antimicrobial skin cleanser, its the stuff they use to wash their hands in the hospitals and clean wounds. Ask your chemist, don't buy it from the vet, it only costs about £2-£3 in a chemist for 500ml. Use hibiscrub diluted to clean wounds, broken skin, wet excema and any kind of skin irritation.


Also you could try Fish For Dogs! Fishy doggy treats :D

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Hibiscrub - this is an antimicrobial skin cleanser, its the stuff they use to wash their hands in the hospitals and clean wounds. Ask your chemist, don't buy it from the vet, it only costs about £2-£3 in a chemist for 500ml. Use hibiscrub diluted to clean wounds, broken skin, wet excema and any kind of skin irritation.




Hibiscrub is good stuff BUT do not get itANYWHERE near her eyes at all. it really can be very nasty to eyes.



Here are some responses from the agility forum:


Karen Marriott might be able to help you. Her products are excellent for treating skin problems and produce quick and effective results. Check out her website www.petnat.com and then give her a ring.


Hope this helps.



Helen, have you considered rice being the problem? It can affect dogs as badly as wheat - it certainly did with Kim. It is possible to find a rice and wheat free food - you could try fish and potato (Wafcol) to see if it helps.


but not just the Fish Wafcol try the Salmon and Potato.As the name suggest's it only has those two food's in it.Even Moca who arrived with a yeast infection,skin/flea allergy,hair loss and genral bad health can cope with it !


Aloe Vera Gel- forever freedom product cured my Boxers eczema in about one week , I was at the end of my thether with him it was awful!



If there are any more suggestions tomorrow I'll post them here for you.




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Thank you so much Emma, Buffie and Helen. I am feeling a lot calmer about this today!

This is what I'm doing so far:

*Arnica cream: Buff, how often can I put this on her do you think? Applied some twice so far and it does seem to calm her down re scratching and rubbing.

*Fenugreek and garlic, plus mixed vegetables tablets: Yep, she's on "treatment dose". Day 4 so hopefully we'll see some improvement soon.

* Diet: I'm keeping with the Burns food, as she has these outbreaks only occasionally (maybe twice a year), so I don't think it is food related, but will review this if things get worse or don't change: fish and potato sounds yummy!

* regards the sprayed fields: Haven't thought of this, and yes, could be a possible answer as to why the irritation occurs. Will monitor this and note when it breaks out and see if there is some kind of pattern. To be honest, I've always blamed hot weather before, but it could easily be to do with crop spraying/harvesting. Will avoid fields for present.

*Not clipping her coat short: (from web link) Hmm. Really not sure about this one! the first time she got it, her coat was much longer and boy did it make a horrible mess: Almost impossible to treat as well: just ended up with a horrible sticky mess. However, she was clipped last week and with her nails being clipped also, and so a bit sharp and jagged, it has made it easier for her to inflict more damage to herself than if she had her woolly coat when scratching, so I certainly see the logic in the advice! But if its a heat thing...then she needs to have it short..... this is a dilemma. Will try to think more about the cause of the problem.

*Have got Hibiscrub and Malaseb for donkey treatments, but am reluctant to use these, partly because of the eyes problem (she thrashes about in water, loves it far too much) and also for some reason, I have this instinct that this needs to be kept dry, rather than making the area more damp. Might be a stupid irrational feeling, but hey ho. Got them if I need them.

* Apple vinegar: Again have got this, so will add it to the regime if no improvement very soon!


I am going to email/ring Karen Marriott and try to find out what's in her products: I don't like not knowing what I'm using. I'll outline what I'm doing and see what she thinks. I expect she is only using things which I could probably apply myself, so Buff, when that book comes, please do look it up for me!


Anyway, my baby is still happily asleep in her basket, if only she knew the trouble she caused eh?


Any more ideas, keep them coming in please! Its great to have a whole reserve list of what I could do: I was feeling a great sinking weight feeling about taking her back to the vets for more steriod treatment....

so Thanks you wonderful people!! Big hugs and licks from me and Molly


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I would use arnica remedy (30c ticture or pills) and not cream Annie. Also looking at the picture she has little folds of skin and with heat any residue from the fields has a nice place to get wet and cause inflammation. Also I think of yeasts. You could also try citradel. Yes I would try that also and cider vinegar is great in the water.


That's about all I can think of this early! :wink:


Will give you nay other stuff I can find :D



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Also looking at the picture she has little folds of skin and with heat any residue from the fields has a nice place to get wet and cause inflammation.



Snap! You spotted that too Buffy. Not sure how you prevent that though....


Are these folds of skin a breed feature?



If you have insurance Annie and it covers such things can you ask to be referred to a skin specialist for dogs by your vet? To be fair to you r vet they are not specialists in every condition - they develop them through exposure to conditions or actively specialise in something. And from the small amount of reading I have done it would seem that the causes of ezcema are varied and sometimes very specific to a dog or a breed so the treatments will be too......



Also what about contacting Molly's breeder? Is it in the breed line? If it is then the breeder has been perhaps irresponsible? Is it something Airedales can suffer from? Contact the Airdale breed society - there will be one!

Some breeds (Westies spring to mind) can have inherent in the breed the most horrendous skin problems. It could be Airdales are on that list.



I am sure you have thought of all these things, but I am just thinking 'out loud' as it were!


No more ideas from the agility forum today.



HOpe things begin to improve for Molly - she is a sweetie!



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Reading about the skin folds reminds me that you can get a spray on version of 'new skin' now. I saw an advert the other day and I think it's made by Elastoplast. I was interested becasue I get nasty eczema on my hands and thought it would be good to protect the splits when it is bad. Might even work for doggies too unless there are any contra-indications.

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