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Looking after babies

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We selected our Bantams yesterday,& they will only be 6-8 weeks old when we get them home.

They are tiny,& will just sit in the palm of your hand...Bless!


The guy had them on Aubiose,which is great as that is what we will be using in their pen,but I have also been thinking about the peanut feeder & drinkers we have.

Will they simply be too big for the little things to use,& should I get a different sort of drinker for them,for now?

I have sourced some growers pellets for them to eat,but do they need any other special treatment?

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We are picking up 3 new bantams at 10 weeks old this weekend. I am going to use a chick drinker to start with (they are generally under £2) and will use the peanut feeder, just low down on the eglu.

I think they will be too small to be able to use a glug. You can also use just a dish for them to drink out of but need to be careful that they don't spill it if you are out all day. They could dehydrate really quickly.


Exciting isn't it!



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My bantam chicks have been feeding from a peanut (or three!) from the age of about 6 weeks. I just make sure it's hooked low enough down for them to reach comfortably.


I don't know about the glug for water as I don't have one, but I use small plastic gravity drinkers suspended just low enough for them to reach. The main benefit is that the water stays clear longer, although they still manage to kick some debris into it. You can raise the height as they grow to keep it cleaner.


These are similar to the the ones I use: http://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/hanging.bott.jpg and the 1 litre one is big enough for chicks and small bantams, though I think I'd go for the larger one for "proper" chickens! http://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/feeders3.html

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We have put a trio of bantams in a large run which also houses the rabbits which are in an Eglu fitted with the run. The bantams have their own water but they have also learned to drink the rabbits water from one of the bottles from the pet store :shock: I wondered why the rabbits water was disappearing so fast!

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