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Worried about moving the eglu

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When we go on holiday we're taking the eglu & chooks to my sister for her to look after. We're going to have to detach the run from the eglu, for the first time since it was assembled.


I'm a little bit worried because I've read about screws and clips and things breaking, and I don't want to be leaving an improperly fixed run where the chickens are a risk and my sister has a problem to sort.


Can anyone let me know specifically what problems we might encounter, and what I can do to prevent them? We have a mark 2 eglu - are the problems with this model, or only the mark 1?

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I have moved mine regularly to a neighbours over the past few weeks. The only problem you may have is with the green clips on the run.


Just take your time undoing them and clipping them back on. once you have the knack it will be easy.


Don't worry. Just have a practice before you take it.

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Christine as far as I'm aware the problem was with a few of the early Mark 2 eglus where the eglu run was attatched to the eglu with plastic screws. I have one of this plastic screwed variety :roll: The problem is that the plastic screws weren't particularly strong, and the top of the screw sometimes sheared off when the eglu was being moved around, which left the plastic shank firmly screwed into the eglu, but no top to it to unscrew it, and of course with a broken screw, a run and eglu not securely fastened to each other. Generally Omlet will replace the plastic screws free of charge if you contact them, and I'd suggest that if you do have the plastic screws, that you do that. Unfortunately I think that my order got forgotten by them, and rather than harrass them I bought replacement metal screws from my local Focus DIY for around £1 for a packet of several.

Hopefully this won't affect you, but probably best checking it out before you need to move the eglu rather than finding out on the day.

I hope that you have a great holiday, and do tell your sister to give me a shout if she has any problems.

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