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just got ducks

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I have just got 5 ducks, They are all males i have a Mandrin and 2 teals and 2 mixed breeds ( sorry about the spelling)

I have only had them for 3 days they are already getting a little friendly is theye any advice for helping them along with being even freindly.

We are feeding them on mixed corn is this right?

I have given them some bread but they didnt touch it.

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We use corn and duck food (brown pellet things) that you can get through decent sized pet or agricultural supply shops. Mainly they eat grass and other things growing in the garden.

Just patience should tame them, although our's were incubated by us so think they are part of the family.

Try finding their favourite things to eat (our's like daisies or blackcurrants) and offer it to them in your hand or near to you.

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