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Elderberries - A bumper crop?

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Has everyone noticed how well the elderberries have done this year? My mother went to the newsagent this morning and came back with a bag filled with elderberries. After de-stalking them they weighed 5 lbs, and she had hardly made a dent on the crop hanging off one bush!


Looks like we will be eating elderberry jam with everything this year :shock:


Anyone know if you can freeze them?

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Thanks Martin, I have. Unfortunately I am not a chutney person, and am worried about Kate's ability to turn every fruit into a delicious alcoholic drink :D:D:D


Although if I can find some sloes next weekend I will be trying sloe gin out!


:lol::lol::lol: It does look that way, doesn't it :lol: ! You won't regret trying out sloe gin. It's heavenly!!

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The September issue of Country Kitchen magazine has a double spread on elderberries. They suggest ice lollies & smoothies, elderberry & blackberry jam, pear & elderberry chutney, elderberry & wild hedgerow pie (which has blackberries and plums), elderberry jelly and elderberry cordial.


I can type some of those in if someone wants the recipes.

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