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Breeders in Wiltshire

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When I finnaly get and eglu I plan on getting a gingernut and pepperpot but also after a while I'd quite like to get 1 or 2 bantams as i've heard they get on well with other chickens and will welcomly share an eglu with 2 larger chicken. So does any one have any ideas where I could get some when the time comes preferably near swindon. Also what size aztually are they? :?:

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Hi Swindon Clucker

I'm near Marlborough and got my "extra" chickens from Malmsbury. The details are:



Merlin Cottage

(Meadowsweet Agent).

plus bantams, ducks and geese and wooden poultry houses:

Cloatley Road




SN16 9LQ

Telephone 01666 577613

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The two bantams I got have been fine with my Speckledy, but she had been on her own for about a week so she was glad of the company, and as the bantams were on the young side, they settled in pretty easily. Chickens seem to vary so much in temperament, you can't really generalise, IMHO.

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