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Chicken Bullies?

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I have recently bought a new chicken from a farm, she's 6 months old (Delia) and is constantly being pecked by our 1 year old chicken (Corkie), is there anything we can do to stop the bullying, it's been going on for 4 days, she isn't allowed inside the sleeping compartment when it is incredible late (for chickens). I have noticed that she has a strong smell, could this be a cause for the constant abuse she recieves?[/b]

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It might be worth spraying all of your chooks with a solution of vinegar and water in one of those plant mister thingies.....it will stop the different smells...

There will be pecking to establish who's boss, that's natural, but do make sure that they are not actually harming her.... if so, she will have to be removed and introduced more slowly....

lots of posts about this sort of thing... try this one

Best wishesadn do let us know how you're getting on.



I've also moved you to the chickens section, where more people will read it!

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We've just gone through the same thing. We introduced a 20 week old Maran to our 18 month old hybrids. We've found that it took about 4 days for things to settle down. We didn't keep them apart other than to let the hybrids out of the run for an hour or so to ensure that the Maran got the opportunity to eat and drink.


There has been some light pecking and some loud clucking but it sounds worse than it is. We sprayed the Maran with some anti-peck spray which may have helped but what worked best was squirting the hybrids with a water pistol every time they started attacking ther Maran. The bullying has to happen as it's how they establish a pecking order - just try and make sure it doesn't get out of hand without interfering too much. In an ideal world you want the new chicken to be robust enough to take the bullying but submissive enough not to be a threat and to know her place in the pecking order.


A week ago we were very anxious about all this but now peace has broken out between our chooks.


Persevere with it.

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