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:? My two chickens arrived yesterday. I live in barn conversion surrounded by fields. I can't decided whether or not to clip their wings. It was suggested to me that unclipped they will be able to fly out of the way of any daytime predators whilst wandering. However, I'm concerned that unclipped they may wander to far. Any suggestions?
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No idea really... :? I clip mine as I don't want them hopping and flying off into neighbouring fields etc. Plus the road! :shock:

Not sure how far a "free range" chicken would actually travel!


I'm afraid nothing is really protection against a fox... they're too bloomin quick and stealthy!

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We've only clipped the feathers on one of chickens, and that was becuase she managed to fly to the top of a very high hedge, in an attempt to get into next doors garden (thay had grass left, ours was decimated :roll: ). I suppose it depends on ifyou want to kkep them within a specific area, fenced off, or if you are happy for them to wander freely. It should probably become obvious pretty quickly if you actually need to clip them!



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