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Marauding Squirrel

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Hello all, although we live backing onto a nature reserve and are used to all sorts of creatures feeding in our garden including squirrels, today was the first time one was brave enough to go into the girls run and steal food directly from the grub.I know that this will become a habit and wondered if anyone else has ever had this problem and how you solved it.

Fortunately the girls were both at the back of the run but when he tried it again Doris flapped her wings and scared him off, but not for long I fear.....

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Since squirrels are a lot smaller and more agile than chickens, I can't think of any way to keep them out whilst allowing your girls access :(


I guess the only thing to do is to keep the run door shut; if/when you let them out to free-range, shut the door behind them - just make sure there is access to water outside the run as well, especially in warm weather. You may have to search the bushes for eggs, though, if the chickens can't get to the nestbox.


Good luck!

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