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Not laying

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My chickens have really gone off laying and I actually had to buy eggs this week for the first time for months. All through last winter they laid every day and even during July and the hot weather they never failed to produce lovely brown eggs, usually two a day. I have two chooks. However now they are only producing about 1 egg every two days between them. I have also had a couple of really white eggs and on breaking them open, they looked really weird, so I lobbed them in the bin. Haven't changed their food, they still get tit bits although I have threatened them with no more treats until they get back into full production!! They are only 12 and 18 months old so should still be producing a good amount. Maybe its only temporary and they're having a rest. Anyone got the same problem or has any ideas I would appreciate some advice.

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I am having the same issue. I have two Gingernut hens, both about a year old. One has been laying 1-2 eggs a day since she started laying. The other is more irregular, and often only lays every other days. The poor layer, Lucy, is significantly fatter than my good layer, Henrietta!


Well, here in California autumn is on the way, and we are now getting morning fog that doesn't burn off until 10-11am. So it's suddenly much cooler at night and in the mornings, and they don't get bright morning light.


Lucy is now down to about one egg every 3 days or so, and Henrietta is laying about every two days. Often when she does lay her egg, it will be at midday instead of first thing in the morning!


To me, it seems like this is a weather and/or day length issue. Could this be possible? Also, they are in a run under a big sycamore tree. Great in the summertime to keep them cool, but the leaves haven't fallen off yet, so they just get speckled sun during the day. Do they need a certain number of hours of direct sunlight a day?


They are eating plenty of food. They eat layer mash, ground up eggshells, oyster shell, and lots of fruit and veggie s"Ooops, word censored!"s. I also supplement with shredded coconut, ground up hazelnuts and Brazil nuts, flaxseed, cheese, and whatever else I can find that has lots of calcium and protein.


Any red flags there?


As far as molting, is it a seasonal thing? When do chickens usually molt? How can I tell that they might be ready to do so?

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Welcome laura and yes we've got moulting going on.


The girls do deserve a rest don't you think :wink: It really is hard work producing an egg a day and during the moult they do need more energy as they use the energy to grow new feathers. Pick your hen up and look at the feathers. You'll see new growth in places and feathers covered in a whitish sheath.


Don't restrict their food as they need all they can get but layers mash may not be ideal, you can supplement with corn, porridge and high protein (few meal worms) and also add poultry spice or battles poultry drink.


Good luck :D



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