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Christmas Hamper Ideas (for Cinnamon) :)

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I posted this on another Forum, but figured you guys might benifit too :)


I always make a hamper for my friends filled with

-homemade christmas pud

-homemade mince pies

-small homemade christmas cake

-homemade christmas biscuits cut into stars with ribbens threaded though for the tree

-homemade irish cream truffles (I make the irish cream myself).

-homemade pot puree (with dried sliced fruit)

-homemade christmas decorations


Then each year I add some extras in the past I have done

- personalised wine glass charms (wire with beads and charms on)

- filo personalised key rings

- boquet garnet sachets

- handstiched stockings for the fireplace

-christmas candles and centre peices

- scented padded hangers

- scented pouches

- homemade turkish delight

- homemade peppermint creams

- Damson gin

- damson vodka

- flavoured oils - rosemary and garlic(BE VERY CAREFULL WITH THIS.. its only fresh for 3 weeks)



This year the extras are

-hand made bathroom rug for one of my friends

-porchini risotto kit (my friend is a mushroom expert so she is taking me out, so we can pick and dry out the mushrooms, mix with risotto and then bag up into pretty bags)

-Damson wine (from last years stock)

-homemade soap filled with goodies (golf balls / charms / laminated photos / flowers)



hope this helps!


oh i have a photo of a few of our craft bits on my website


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some easy cards..


i just plucked stuff out of the garden to make these! The cinamonn gave it a lovely smell. I also sprinkled a little cinamonn in the envelope before posting for an extra scent.




I also save some of the cards / tags I recieved the year before. cut them up and use them as card topper.






My friend Mike LOVED this (its his photo as the face)





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I made Simon a hand stitched advent calender last year (which he shares with the cats)


inside each day were hand written love-cheques such as

" get of the dog-house for free"

" get out of a house chore"

" watching a war movie without complaint"

" breakfast in bed"

" favourate meal of your choice"



loads more but I will leave that to your imagination lol


(cats just got cat treats lol)

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Christmas decorations


-gather willow in the autumn. and create circles, Use these in December for creating Wreaths for the front door. We made our boss a huge one last year and he loved it! we used a selection of spruce, rose hips, painted pine cones and holly to decorate it.


-using a slab of wood. and some twigs. glue the twigs onto the slab of wood to spell out "merry christmas" or "welcome". then glue coloured acorns, fresh spruse around the outside and attach a ribbon for hanging.


-christmas eve morning, go for a lovely walk with your family, and collect evergreen spruce, lay out the spruce in a long line (so each branch over laps the last). then affix together with ribbon. then decorate with ribbon, berries and pine cones. use to decorate the stairwell / mantle peice / tops of windows


-acorns threaded together and made into circles / crosses / stars. then painted red / gold and dotted with glitter


-old lightbulbs painted different colours, then fit a loop of ribbon to the base


-glue cinnamon sticks together into stars / crosses and attach ribbons for hanging


-when you go to the market, ask the grocer if he has any damaged fruit he wants to get rid of. thinly slice all this fruit, and string together in a long line and hang above the wodburner to dry out. these can then be used for decorations of pot puree.


-cut virtical lines into oranges / satsumas and dry out over the stove. thread a ribbon through and use to hang on the tree.


-collect any red / green or gold plastic and use for cutting plastic cristmas flowes / berries and for card toppers.


-using fabric sample books, sew patches of the fabric together to make patch work stockings for the fireplace. if you are making your own stockings, you can sew peoples names onto the stocking, so it can be used next year.


-collect twigs and dry out. then using a glue gun and wire create stars or christmas tree's. these can then be spray painted and decorated with lights for window decorations. If you make a 3d star you can decorate with reclaimed gems / beads and use in place of a lamp shade.


-with the small willow circles you made in autum, place on a small side plate, and decorate with fresh spruse. affix some painted pine cones / acorns / beech nuts, and place a clear / red or gold tumbler in the middle. place a tealight in the glass and use as a table decoration (the glass will protect the spruce from the candle.


-take a Large plain white church candle. and create 24 groves down the base. if you like you can paint the numbers 1-24 along side these grooves. this can then be used as an advent candle (a good gift)


-make 24 mini fabric pouches. then print / paint / draw a colourfull christmas scene (such as a christmas tree or fireplace on either paper or fabric. then affix to a cork board. fill the pouches with a mixture of treats (for family or pets or both)


using drawing pins, pin the pouches randomly over the christmas scene. ( you could make the pouches into stocking shapes then affix over a fireplace picture)


-save any pretty wrapping paper from last year, you can make mini chocolates or biscuits, place in matchboxes, then wrap the matchboxes up in the wrapping paper and hang on the tree.

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Kaz, you domestic Goodess,you :P


Fantastic, thanks so much for all the ideas,they all sound wonderful.


So far I am doing


Christmas Chutney (a wonderful hot & fiery recipe)

Lemon Curd (thanks to Clare!)

Home made Mince meat & Mince Pies

Honey Fudge

Sloe Gin

Maybe bramble Jam too

Pot Pourri

Slabs of soap

Christmas Cookies


Then some of your lovely little gift ideas too.


Card I am sorted on as I bought them in the sale early this year,but I am so impressed with your ones.


Where do you get your "hampers" from?

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