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Driving In Italy.

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er........ um........ do you want the truth?


Italian drivers are the worst we've come across and seem to pay little regard to any rules of the road that may exist. We were in the north, Lakes area and mountains/Simplon Pass, and the roads are in an apalling condition - all potholes and crumbled or non-existent road edges with precipitous drops beyond non-existent barriers.


We were almost mugged in Milan - a really horrible experience with a whole family of gypsies..............


We loved Italy :D .......


......... but the driving is a bit scary :?


PS - we were in our own car.

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Angela, we had our honeymoon in Northern Italy and hired a car for the whole three weeks.


the Italians are a law unto themselves on the road, but we found no aggression towards us in their driving, just let them pass you in their hurry to get where-ever they are going!


We drove a lot, and had no problems at all. Plan your route well, and just take your time. Let the crazy Italians drive their way and just keep your cool. You can always stop for a breather if it gets too much. You'll have a laugh at some of the cars and the unruley way they drive them.


You'll be fine. If we can do it, anybody can - and we're still married after the experience too :wink:

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We are planning next Summer Holiday...Groan! And we are considering a fly drive to the Adriatic and Venice! Has anyone any experience of driving/hiring cars in Italy?? Good or bad please?




there's some basic sdvise here:




obviously - learn enough Italian to understand the road signs - there's loads of info and photos of signs here:




there are lots of horror stories asbout crazy italian drivers. In cities it can be a nightmare!! (mot the cars so much as the scooters...)


but it's never as bad as you think it will be as long as you try to stay calm..





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We had three weeks touring Italy last year. Firstly it's fanstastic :D dont be put off, the Italians are very fond of their horns, speed and scooters. We drove from the south of france, down the west coast to Pisa, across to the middle and up to the west via florence, over to Slovenia. In all that driving we had no probs, maybe one or two honks. Just take your time and smile if your in a pickle i.e lost.


If you've got it take your sat nav and air conditioning. We found the heat the worst thing, it was mid summer and 40/45 degrees, just too hot for me.


We never encounted any Gypsies, that doesn't mean their not there so be careful, Lean some Italian it's easy to get by.


We ranked our holiday as one of our best, it really is a beautiful country. :D



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We went to Vinci (Tuscany) this summer and hired a car. OH is really obsessed with Italy and loves every part of it (even the Italian driving style!). We had no problems with the driving at all. As Gina said, let the Italians drive their way.


With Italians its a case of why use one lane when all three will do :roll::lol:

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With Italians its a case of why use one lane when all three will do :roll::lol:


...and who said you couldn't overtake on the inside.... :lol:



can't wait to hear all about it when you get back Anne. We've got a whole year to wait!!


I must say we've never been that organised. We usually think about our holidays the month before.....or even less in some cases!

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