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Guest Alison-s.

Cherry Tree problem

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The leaves on my Cherry tree are covered in tiny black aphids. The leaves have gone black and sticky. A lot of the cherries have fallen off.

Does anyone know if this can be treated?

I do not like using chemicals and the tree is only about 1 metre from my neighbours 3 month old babies bedroom window.

Any ideas?





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:oops: Looked at my Cherry ... and it seems fine, also have a Twisted branch mini-one in the back garden. I suppose you could use a general purpose bug gun .... or the old fashioned Washing up liquid solution, sprayed on, could be an option due to the baby.


If I come across anything else re.this will let you know....

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Could it be some sort of mould plus an aphid attack? That might suggest the tree was a bit stressed for other reasons which is why it succumbed and then you get a vicious cycle. If it has been ok in previous years, has anything around the tree changed this year.


One possible help I've read about in John Yeoman's books (just got his one on gardening secrets that time forgot) is to use mare's tail if you have any of this persistant weed around. You pick the green bits, dry them, ground them up and make an infusion. If you spray this on the plant then it is supposed to be anti insect and anty mould and mildew - so could solve both problems with one go. We are afflicted with mare's tail in our front garden so I'm going to try some of this treatment as a preventative - can't get more natural than recycling your own weeds :D

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I think he suggests using the tender roots of both, or one of them at least, in stirfrys!!! Better wait till I've checked that out before trying it though. He also has ideas for eliminating 'plagues' as he calls them as well. Although I'm no longer looking to eliminate mares tail from my front garden - it has too many uses as a dried powder and infusion to kill bugs and deter slugs. I shall just harvest all the stems as they emerge.:D:D



I've got to say that his books are extremely entertaining reads as well as being full of amazing money saving/self reliant/max output from min input ideas.



should take you to the bit of his website that has 2 of his books, but I also bought my newest, the 'secrets that time forgot one' directly from him and he has also written a very challenging one on self reliance. Just email him - he's very friendly and helpful - do tell him you're an omleteer - he's really interested in what people are up to. I've also done a link to his site from citychicken. Actually, I'll suggest to James that they link from the omlet site. :D:D

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Thanks Jane - I've got the 'Lazy' one and must look up the others. I might pluck up the courage to speak to him! :shock::lol:


I'l hold fire on eating the bindweed for now though.


My thought is that we should classify the really invasive weeds as 'New, rare plants' - they'd soon die out :roll: They'd be so difficult to grow and keep alive :lol:

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