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Controlling aggressive behaviour

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I've discovered a curious thing!


Henna is top lady and aggressively tries to push Penna out of the way when I give them their morning tiny bowlful of crushed eggshell, bokashi and diatom mixed with oats and warm water to bind it all. (I've found this to be the best way to make sure they are getting these additives).

If I put my hand against Henna and gently keep her off Penna it means they get a fair share. After a bit I let go. H's urge to push P away seems to have gone and they finish the bowl happily together.

Has anyone else tried this?


Of course it starts all over again each morning!

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Yes you're right girls. I think once they get eating the food that takes over and once they find they can continue eating without pushing they are OK. I do that with my two sometimes and even hold top chook away from the food for a while so that she learns that pushing gets her no where. It doesn't work of cause, she's never learnt the lesson :roll:

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