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Someone Help Me Please ( Got Bonking rabbits )

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Help me :( !!!

Ive Got A Lion Haired Rabbit , Which is 3 Months Old I Was Told Its A Girl . Today I Went To Buy Another Rabbit to Breed I Got The Same Breed As The Girl And It is 8 weeks Old And Again Was Told It Was A Boy , But When I Got Home And Introducted Them To Each Other The Straight Away Started Bonking , The Problem Is The OLder One Which Is A Girl Started Bonging The Boy :?:shock: Now I Dont No Wheter There both Boys Please Help.

Is This Normal ? [/b]

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You'll probably find your rabbits and bonking to find out who is tp rabbit - usually the older one is the one doing this.


If you want to sex them, this website show you how




It is really difficult to sex baby rabbits - but the basics are , if it's a v shape - it's a girl. if there's a circle it's a boy - when they are young.


I used to work in pet shop shop - so got a dab hand - but it is very difficult when they are young.


Hope this helps,



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:lol: I also heard that it is a sign of acceptance; is this right?


I only ask because my husband shouted me with a horrified look earlier tonight saying that Lacey had mounted Cagney! :D


Four people have also checked the necessaries and came to the same conclusion; that they are both females so I'm not too worried although it's quite weird to see. I though ahh, she's hugging her and then the movement started! :shock:


They do love each other though and spend hours cleaning each other. They're out in the garden at the moment and look like to old men waiting for the bus! Sat facing the house right next to each other - it's hilarious! :lol:

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Yes, I think it's a form of acceptance and also as if they like a quick bonk like an old married couple :roll:


I was worried too when my girls first did it, and I called the breeder I bought them from (she's VERY knowledgeable) and she said it was fine. :lol::lol: I thought I had sapphic bunnies and was about to call the press :wink:

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