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Olympics 2012

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My son is going to so excited.

He's so into sport and has shown a lot of talent for judo, but has been letting it take a back seat to football and tennis. He did promise that if we won the Olympic bid he'd work harder at it, ie train occasionally because a few years back his judo coach said that if he kept it up he could go all the way. And his judo club is being rebuilt with state of the art facilities, partly with the idea of providing training camps pre-Olympics. So now I've got grounds to nag him back to judo. Such a clean sport (compared to football anyway) :)

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Good luck to him :D


If he has a talent you'll have to give him a push. These lads are so faddy-one week tennis next week badminton,etc etc............... I'm sure you know what I mean :roll:

I have so much sports equipment in the garage it's unbelievable :roll:


My eldest is now into golf and thinks he's going to be the next "Tiger Woods" in fact thats what he wanted to call the chickens (Tiger & Woods) had to put my foot down and say NO :shock:


Jane x

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Imagine calling "Tiger" in the garden & a chicken appearing! :D

Yes, brilliant news re London bid. I don't really follow athletics etc yet I'm excited & planning to go!

I was saying to daughter, just hope the transport is put in place. Its impossible to travel around London sometimes even now & there'll be so many people! But, as she said, maybe it will force some of those public transport connections to be improved & have a real long term benefit. 8)

Well done London, hurray for Stratford, East End. 8) If you ever get the chance, go to theatre royal, Stratford East, its a real gem.

Will be watching the judo in 2012!

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