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Strong Chickens!

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Bit odd,


went out to the eglu this morning to clean it. I have 2 logs in my run for the girls to perch on (about 10 inches long by 5 inches diameter) and noticed 1 log had been moved to right in front the eglu door. ( it wasnt like that yesterday).


Thought nothing more of it (maybe hubby moved it)...so I decided to get on with the cleaning, I moved the log to the MIDDLE OF THE RUN and started on the inside of the eglu whilst the door was closed.


Sam (white chicken) is always nosey and was poking around near the door, shuffling etc, next thing I notice is the LOG HAS MOVED BACK TO THE DOOR :!::?::!:


my eglu is on flat ground so it couldnt have moved itself....so Sam must have moved it!!! its a fairly hefty log.....


didnt know chickens were that strong :!::shock:

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